Thank you for your interest in m2os.

Identifying issues, finding solutions, solving problems and documenting the process is a key part of what m2os can do for you and has been doing for over 20 years.

One of the best examples of what m2os has done was building a complete ISP & voice carrier from scratch. This includes acquiring and installing Cisco and Juniper routers & switches, documenting policies, configuring, setting up routing protocols, establishing internet peers. Adding to that a private network infrastructure utilizing large private Q-in-Q circuits to multiple carriers to facilitate a low cost to customer private connectivity solution.

Additionally procuring servers to install UNIX and OpenSource applications to provide Web, eMail, Issue Tracking & Notification, Management & Monitoring of everything critical to keeping the business running smoothly. Built a complete PBX Phone system for the company, including a very profitable VoIP infrastructure for selling SIP & Hosted PBX services to a large and diverse customer base.

m2os has worked with enterprise sized companies down to small businesses, including the small SOHO remote home worker to include voice and data communications.

m2os has experience with DSL & T1’s up to 10GigE+ circuits, multi-site setups, VPN’s, configuring Quality of Service (QoS), and private circuits for Data/VoIP/SIP & multiple PBX solutions. Setting up and managing multiple data-centers even down to the racking, wiring and labeling of devices. m2os is really a full service solution for anything technical related to Network Engineering, UNIX systems and voice. If you can imagine it we’ve probably worked with it in some way or another or can build it.

Feel free to reach out to m2os with any questions you might have about future projects, ideas or requests for help.